Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Thank you very much Steve for helping me learn to drive and for helping me pass my test 1st time! Steve is friendly, patient and understanding, and was also able to take into account my other driving experience with tractors to ensure my lessons were always relevant and productive. We also had a bit of fun along the way which made me feel relaxed and I looked forward to my lessons. I was thrilled to pass 1st time!!

Learning to drive with Steve, the 'LDC' instructor was easy to follow and very straight forward. Steve was very friendly and made me feel relaxed. I passed my test with only 4 minor faults! Thanks for everything!

Thank you so much Steve! You made me feel at ease during our lessons, which I also found enjoyable. The plan you put together following the 'LDC' way meant I passed my driving test 1st time! You helped me get there with ease and I'm very grateful. Thanks again!

I am so pleased to have passed 1st time! Thank you Steve for your patience. I found our lessons, and you(!), easy to get on with and it was great to learn from you. Thank you also for your help on test day, settling my nerves and reassuring me that I could do it!

I'd had previous lessons with other instructors on and off for 8 years and never really enjoyed it. I then saw Steve's car one day and decided to give him a call. The rest is history, as I passed my driving test 1st time. Steve makes everything to do with learning to drive easy to understand, and is also a really nice, down to earth person. I would definitely recommend Steve to anyone who wants to learn how to drive!!